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2D motion graphics: What is it?


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A 2D motion graphic (or motion design) is a flat image that gets animated. With motion graphics, you can explain complicated information in a fun way. When you add animation to a regular font, it becomes motion design. Motion graphics can be added to footage or used as standalone video.

2D motion graphics vs animation: what's the difference?

In an animated video, the characters have full personalities. In motion graphics, there are no characters or personalities at all. Due to their simplicity and speed, 2D motion graphics are quite common.

Also, 2D graphics are popular because they’re less expensive than 3D graphics, so you can get it across to your audience in full without diverting their attention. Because 2D movies use fewer resources than 3D movies, they’re really popular.

Why should I order motion design in Dubai from JJ Agency Films?

  • Duration of the video:

  • Detailed drawings;

  • Factors like voice acting, music accompaniment, etc.;

  • Deadlines (the shorter they are, the more expensive the motion design is).

  1. The process starts with technical specifications (brief) received from the customer. We’ll develop concepts for future projects.
  2. We’ll make a script and storyboard based on them.
  3. Then it’s time to begin the animation.
  4. In the post-production stage, we will add voice acting, music accompaniment, etc. If necessary.
  • Voiceovers on video;
  • Animation in 3D;
  • Commercials;
  • Video infographics;
  • Promotional video.

Motion graphics: How do I do it?

Motion graphics are created using licensed programs and powerful modern software. The most common programs include:

  • Adobe After Effects;

  • Adobe Photoshop и Illustrator;

  • Apple Motion;

  • Cinema 4D.

With JJ Agency Films, you’ll get access to the latest software and high-spec working stations. By choosing us, you’re choosing quality.

2D motion graphics basics

  1. Simple and minimalist.

  2. Shape transitions. Simple geometric shapes appear on the screen, then rapidly transform into another shape. High-quality animation attracts the viewer, hypnotizing him.

  3. Infographics. Animated infographics are a very effective way to convey large amounts of information quickly and in a fun way. 4. Shadows. Long shadows give the picture depth and volume.

  4. Bright colors are the most appropriate choice for 2D graphics. Recently, vintage colors have become more popular.

  5. Fonts are at the heart of flat design. Generally, it is preferred to use easy-to-read fonts without serifs.

The latest trends in motion design

Currently, the most prevalent trend is the continuous change of similar trends. But many people believe animated motion graphics will remain popular for many years. Popular for many years. With video content on the Internet becoming more common, motion graphics might even become more relevant in the future. According to statistics, people watch about 20 hours of videos a month. 60% of people who buy products online watch video previews. Video with motion graphics is small and doesn’t have unnecessary elements, so it won’t bore viewers, and it’s also easy to understand.

Motion graphics video is like a cross between a game video and a static image. Videos made in this style are usually short enough not to tire the viewer, and at the same time concise and effective. The viewer just has to share it. Basically, animation and motion design are the perfect tools for video marketing.


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