Visual Effects Company in Dubai

JJ agency is a Dubai-based visual effects studio specializing in visual effects for series and feature films. Our team includes studio general manager and senior visual effects supervisor Gary Fedorenko. JJ agency is a full-service visual effects studio that powers a growing number of TV shows and feature film collections to create a large number of complex, high-quality, photorealistic possibilities. This works for any budget. We’ve built our pipeline from the ground up with cutting-edge capabilities tailored to the needs of today’s feature films and TV series, positioning ourselves at the forefront of a new generation of visual effects companies.

Therefore our VFX team started developing our business model in 2016, the only sustainable option for the Dubai-based VFX company was to open a tax haven studio and rely on nearby physical talent to build the team. Forming a new company without investing in a traditional VFX business model gives JJ agency the opportunity to start from scratch.

We recently celebrated 6 years of our company, bringing the best in visual effects and production services to the rapidly growing commercial film, series, and video production market. Since its founding in Dubai, JJ has produced countless animated films, including some of the animation industry hits.

JJ agency, a visual effects company with over 80 employees headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, remains a major center for film and television production, thanks in part to the generous film tax breaks that have made it attractive. companies. The acquisition of visual effects company JJ agency is one of several recent acquisitions by Netflix as it seeks to expand and diversify its global business.

We are the company

that provides design services to its clients. JJ agency help design the film industry by creating near-perfect real-world creations with unrealistic motion.  Therefore our visual effects company uses software such as Auto Desk Max, Maya, Adobe After Effects, LightWave 3D, and more to create animations that deliver a real-life experience. Most of the visual effects work to happen at the end of the production schedule and continue into post-production. JJ agency VFX is a trusted company that does a wide range of visual effects work.

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Founded by Gary Fedorenko, the JJ agency is responsible for the effects of some of the most impressive advertisements ever made in the industry in the United Arab Emirates. In addition, our team also produces films and ad effects production such as Nobody, EXPO 2020: Be There, Mubadala – 49th anniversary, Fortnite x Sony – Hamaki live concert, and others.

Speaking about virtual production. Our company delivered first in the region commercial project, live event using Unreal Engine and Axximetry for the live show even in collaboration with Sony Music Middle East and Fortnite.

These solutions will continue to be used for major film and TV productions, but will now help support game development and more. Together, JJ agency will continue to serve customers through feature films, commercials, streaming content, and occasional television programming, as well as pre-creative advice and on-set supervision with its own creative studio and production partner.