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Animators need to give objects weight and time so they can actually exist in the world we see. For example, in order to give a character the correct character traits and movements, an animator must ensure that those who make up the model take these factors into account. Today, we use animation software that allows us to create digital environments by animating real people and objects such as human bodies, animated cars, etc.

To make animation projects look amazing, animation studios have to work hard on graphic design, camera angle, and dimensional space. In some cases, 3D graphics software can replace real-life stop-motion animation, and artists with prior experience can transfer technical skills from real-life moving images and characters to computer animation. The head of our department is looking for young talent and preparing students to create the best animations and video games in 3D mobile spaces. Through the use of visual effects and precise timing, animators can create the impression that everything from a video game character to a car in an advertisement is moving in 3D space.

There are many things you can do in animation that you can’t do in live video, which makes this technique useful for more creative projects. For example, a marketer might use moving pictures to show all the features of a product just as they would in real life. In some cases, motion capture is used to create the most realistic form of animation for CGI, although this has generated some controversy, including the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

3D animation – Nestle – Country Cornflakes

Working on the 3D animation of “Nestlé – Country Cornflakes” was very pleasant and fun. Our team is best focused on activities such as 2D and 3D animation. Animation is now being used to create materials for companies to help them promote their products and services. Today, 2D animation can be created faster with computer graphics software. 

  • Client : Serena Essel
  • Date   : 11/03/2019
  • Tags  : 3D Animation, Compositing, Motion Graphics


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