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Why one-stop agency are more profitable than video studios and freelancers?

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Any company will eventually have to shoot an advertisement, a presentation film, or a video for social media. As a result, there is a high risk of draining the budget in vain.


Businesses across all industries use video content as an effective marketing tool. Creating a positive image of the company and attracting an audience from different communication channels is possible through commercials, video reviews on marketplaces, interviews, and training content on Youtube.

Video production has many possibilities. You can hire a freelancer, go to a video studio, or hire a full-service video production company. Obviously, we recommend the third option, and here’s why.

Tik-Tok commercials, for example, require the coordinated work of a large number of specialists.

Video production: what is it?

Creating a short video or a full-length movie is a complex process in video production. A whole team is involved in obtaining a high-quality result, and not just one specialist is involved.

The following are included in video production:


  • The idea and concept of the video – in terms of its business benefits and attractiveness to the target audience;
  • The creation of scripts;
  • Choosing actors, voice-over actors, sets, and costumes;
  • Shooting video with one or more operators and professional lighting;
  • The selection of licensed musical accompaniments;
  • Video editing;
  • Supplementing video with 2D or 3D graphics and animation – if necessary.


A video production company offers a full range of services created by a large team of specialists, with clear contract management and execution.

The differences between freelancers and video studios

Businesses may think of turning to a freelancer when faced with the task of making a video. The freelancer comes to the right location and shoots with his own camera. In most cases, this is the most economical option, but there are a number of drawbacks:


  • It is impossible for one person to be an expert in everything. Despite finding a reliable operator, he will not write you a script or draw a picture for your thumbnail. Your company will not be able to produce as high-quality a result if it does not have the necessary full-time specialists.
  • There’s no guarantee when you work with a freelancer. There are reviews and portfolios, of course. Still, there’s a risk that someone will be late, miss the deadline, and give out something that wasn’t expected. In order to formalize the documents, you’ll have to learn the legal nuances.
  • There’s a limited technical base. It’s expensive to buy professional equipment. There’s a high chance that a freelancer has some inventory and a camera, but he won’t be buying professional equipment that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.


There are also video studios – places where professional videos are shot. They usually have better equipment, paperwork is handled, and the manager monitors compliance with the agreement with each client. There are also downsides.


  • There is no producer. Studios only do video production. They guarantee quality and deadlines but don’t deal with marketing or concepts.
  • Services are limited. Production solves all the problems: buying props, finding actors, organizing shooting anywhere in the world, and reducing time for production by attracting the most people. Most video studios don’t offer extra services or have a limited selection.


A video production company will find a location, cast actors, choose equipment, and do competent post-production.

You won’t have any problems with production. You pay for results you can count on. All processes are perfected, and each video passes through multi-stage quality control. At JJ Agency Films, we offer:


  • Video production encompasses a wide range of work, the work of a producer, and a lot of technical stuff.
  • Any location/city permits.
  • The director directs, the screenwriter writes, and the editor edits. Everything gets done faster and better than if one person did everything.
  • Worked with large companies – especially at the legal level.
  • Diverse experience: we’ve done a lot of projects for businesses. In a particular case, we know which specialist to involve, and we take on any related tasks to help reduce time or get a better result.

Here's an example of our video production

The following example is from our own portfolio — Discovring the Genius of Genesis G80

Such videos require a lot of specialists, and it is not a wise idea to involve freelancers in such a project. Here’s how it works:


  • Our creative department developed several concepts, discussed them with the client, and settled on one.
  • Planned out the video storyboard.
  • The script was written by our screenwriter.
  • Location scout.
  • Equipment selection.
  • Develop shooting techniques.
  • Actors casting.
  • Aerial photography was filmed at several locations. Lighting artists, technical specialists, and make-up artists were on site.
  • Post-production completed: editing, soundtrack, voice acting, color correction, and 2D graphics;
  • In accordance with the contract, the work was delivered on time.


In order to accomplish such a monumental task, a large team of experts is required.

If you need a very simple short video, you can save money by hiring a freelancer – preferably after checking all the reviews. A video studio will give you more confidence in timing, quality, and workflow. For large-scale projects, such as the Discovring the Genius of Genesis G80, only a video production company with a team should be hired.


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