One of our favorite video production projects in Dubai.  This experimental short film is based on expression through street arts. Including pioneering street artists from different parts of the globe. Written, Spoken, Directed & Edited by Philip Rachid (Soultrotter) – A half Bulgarian / Half Iraqi Kurdish filmmaker with roots in Hip Hop, while growing up in Amsterdam. Dance & Letter Design by Dusty Dust from Bahrain – A Cultural BBoy who made his mark in the Middle East.Music by Ynot – An all-around Artist/Bboy/Beatcreator from the USA and Vice President of the Legendary Rock Steady Crew.

JJ agency provided post-production for this film as long as 2D doodle animation to emphasize to spoken words of the artist.

Video production in Dubai is the process of producing video content for television, home video, or the Internet. Video production is in a class of its own, using a wide range of technical, creative, and design techniques to tell a short story, usually with the goal of marketing a product, idea, company, or concept. A video production company is a creative agency that specializes in the production of high-quality, well-produced digital video, most often for marketing and branding purposes. Video production for distance learning is the process of obtaining, editing and presenting specific learning materials for use in online learning.

In the first step (pre-production) all the planning and coordination takes place, in the second step (production) you capture all the elements that will be in the final video, and in the third step (post-production) all the elements are edited together and combined to create the final video. The first step (pre-production) is important to do the planning, research, troubleshooting, and organization required to successfully set up your video project.

  • Client Soultrotter
  • Date 02/08/2018
  • Tags 2D Animation, Motion Graphics, Video Production
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