Arcana Digital Group has developed a unique internet service FamilySky that can store family history for generations to come and open up new possibilities for sharing data and managing family funds. An average person stays in touch with approximately 35 relatives and even more numerous are one’s distant family ties. Siblings and cousins, grandmas and grandpas, nephews and grandnieces – all of these individuals are tied together by shared ancestors, shared moments of happiness and sorrow, by rich family history. But where is it? Gathering dust in boxes of old photographs, fading off the VHS tapes you can’t play anymore, hiding in the folders of your hard drive.

Photos and Videos are memories stored and shared between families. With technology, it makes it easier to show relatives from across the globe. But it can also easily be lost. With family, all of these valuables are stored in a safe and secured space in the cloud.


  • Client Arcana
  • Date 01/02/2014
  • Tags 2D Animation, Motion Graphics

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