The All-New Lexus LX 2022

The All-New Lexus LX 2022

The car advertisement video

The car promo video was shot in the United Arab Emirates in collaboration with Japan-based director Manjot Bedi and Epic Films production.
JJ agency teamed up with a post-production house from Japan, Frame. The most complicated in this car advertisement video was one of the car replacements. In order to make this task seamless, our team decided to use a 360 camera to grab the real-world HDRI video for the 3D animation department. Therefore a lot of 360 references have been shot during the shoot to match the same lighting for the 3D model in post-production.

Production: Epic Films
Director/DOP: Manjot Bedi
Producer: Anastasia Filatova
1st AD: David Murphy
VFX supervisor: Gary Fedorenko
Post-production UAE: JJ agency
Post-production Japan: Frame

  • Client Lexus ME
  • Date 03/05/2022
  • Tags 360 Video, 3D Animation, Compositing, Video Production, Virtual Production

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